Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Snow Bunnies Here.

If you pride yourself on being a snow bunny, don't! In my opinion snow bunny is an insult. If you are going to relate my snowboarding to an animal it better not be a bunny. How about a snow lioness? That sounds much better to me. With that said, there are just a few things a shredette should know that will keep you out of the bunny category. While at work one day (I work in a snow/skate shop) I was reading Jackson Hole's yearly magazine and I came upon an article that spelled it out perfectly . It is titled "Shredettes" by Patricia Ireland. Pretty much it covers ten things a girl should never go snowboarding without. I'd say it is relate-able to pretty much any adventure you embark on though. So, I'm going to share these with you.

1.   "Chapstick: Nothing says sexy like full,  luscious lips. Keep your sexy by moisturizing and protecting them from the harsh wind and sun. SPF is a plus!" Agreed. No one likes cracking lips. They are gross.    

2.   "Camera: Boys say women are vain, but how many "sick... epic...gnar!" pics have you had to look at of them? Take your own! Get some chicks, build a kicker and put the boys to shame, because not only are you shredding, you also look damn hot!" For real! Do you know how hard it is for a girl to get some footage around here? It doesn't have to be that hard! And the less of those mac book, photo booth, pictures on facebook, the better. When you do fun stuff, document it!    

3.   "Water, Water, Water! Beauty comes from  within, literally. If you are dehiderated, it will show in your skin. Help your complexion, and your riding, by drinking at least 64 ounces of water on days you aren't active, and more on days when you are." What more can I say?

4.   "A Little Bling! Steezy goggles, a flashy belt, glitter, whatever! Take your otherwise unisex snowboarding look and give it a touch of femininity. There is some uber-functional yet super cute gear out there designed by some pretty rad chicks! If you're set on your gear, toss on a glittery pin on your goggles. You'd be surprised what feeling girly will do for you." It's a solid point. Just please, PLEASE, don't over do it. I say go about it subtly. Something rad, like a vintage broach.

5.   "Style! (For your hair): Pulling your hair back, be it a braid or two, a low ponytail or half ponytail will help protect your luscious locks from the harsh elements. Wherever you head after the hill, simply take it down, shake, lightly run your fingers though your hair and voila, you're ready to go!" Bingo! This is one of my pet peeves, girls that just ride with their long flowing hair down hanging out of your coat. Sister, let me tell you, it may have looked nice at the beginning of the day when you were looking at yourself in the mirror that, but you wont be snowboarding in your warm room all day. By the end of a day of hard riding... let's just say it wont look so nice no more! Not to mention the damage that it does to your hair! What I do is pull my hair into a low loose-ish ballerina bun. If some shorter pieces fall out, it's fine, just let it frame your face poking out from under your hat/helmet. Then at the end of the day, shake it out and you have the pretty beach wave thing going on. Much better than frozen damaged hair!

6.   "Passport: Always be prepared in case some sexy pro boarder wants to whisk you away to Switzerland or for when your posse plans a heli-ski trip to Canada." Sexy pro man? Take me please!

7.   "A Smile! Never leave home without one. Even if you spend a lot of time on your ass, you will exude "badass, rad chick" as long as you have a good attitude and have fun!" Say cheese! :D

8.   " Moisturizing SPF 15 (or more): Save the wrinkles for your great grandmother! We know that prolonged sun exposure is not only bad for your health, but bad for your beauty. Goggle tans are cool and all, but cancer and wrinkles are not! Protect your skin! Plus, the moisturizer will give you a youthful glow and will help shield your skin from windburn." Cant argue with science!

9.   "A Good Bra: Saggy boobs are also best left to your great grandma. Those puppies need support! Weather your ripping powder turns or cruising groomers, you want your focus to be on  your riding... not on the jiggle." Word!

10.   "Tampons: Even if you don't need one, you never know when someone else will. Good karma and female camaraderie do a long way. The applicator-less "bulltets" are eaisily stashed in the cargo pockets of your snow pants. No one should have to cut a shredtastic day short 'cause Aunt Flo popped by." Oh the blessings of womanhood...

11.   So this is my own addition. Water Proof Mascara! How many times have you seen that bunny on the hill, with her snow jock, boy toy as coach, goggles on the forehead, and makeup running down the face? Not cute! Although, I do like to look good at lunch or end of day when the goggles come off. Water proof mascara is the only makeup I will wear when snowboarding in case of the possibility of a good goggle flinging wreck, or on other possible water worthy adventures.

So whatever the adventure, make sure you hit the trails prepared. Throw the goods in a back pack and your good to go! I will always bring a back pack with me on my expeditions. (I leave it in the car when I go snowboarding) I have found this advice to be quite helpful. So I will go ahead and call these the "Eleven Commandments of Lady Adventures."
Happy trails!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sun is Coming.

After seeing the sun today and experiencing a couple days reaching 70deg. here in Salt Lake, It is a sure sign summer is on the way. As much as I love my rain and snow, I am a total summer girl. I just feel so much better with sun highlighted hair and sun bronzed skin. This warm weather got me looking into swim suits! There are some seriously good looking bikinis this year. Here are some of my favorites!

The Tawny

L Space
Slinky Solid Bandeau

Agua Bendita
Herradura Two Peice

Goddess Swimsuit

L Space
Solid Chloe Wrap

Pixel Storm

Well there they are! Lot's of bold colors, shapes, patterns, and floral. If none of these are floating your boat I would check out or So much to look at! Really cute and unique pieces if your looking for something out of the norm.
Bring on summer!

A Day at Brighton Utah.

Me, my coworker Jake , and a couple of his room mates made the 30 min. drive up to Brighton this morning. It was supposed to be a rainy over cast day up there but the sun came out and it was beautiful! Between the the lift conversations on who's allowed to invent words and current trends of snowboarding apparel we did manage to get in some solid riding. Brighton got 4 inches over night which made for some good snow but had a bit of a dust on crust effect through the trees. But the park was prime, and that is were we spent most of the day.  I snapped a few shot's so, here's a day at Brighton for you.

Beginning the day with some solid stretching.

Onto the chair for some philosophical discussions and muffin eating.

Devon, executing with beauty.

Booty meat.
 Passion for Brighton.
 Back to the shred with a McTwist.

Headin' home.

Over all it was a great day. Good people, good fun. I would love to get some pictures of the lady's of shred, but the boys worked it out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is Happening.

I never thought I would make a blog, but here I am. My name is Ellery. I grew up in Hood River, Oregon. I am currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am going to school and working.

Okay, so why am I making a blog? Well, let me tell you. If you have ever been to Hood River you would know it is quite the active little town. Like most girls I played with Barbies, went shopping with my sister, and was friends with the cheerleaders. Unlike most little girls I grew up with three little brothers, a very adventurous mother, and became an avid freestyle snowboarder.

To this day I love snowboarding, but have dabbled in a few other outdoor activities. I've been able to enjoy whitewater kayaking, rafting, biking, wake boarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, and hiking. Throughout my adventures I have noticed there is a serious lacking of the female presence. Which is so sad, because it is so fun! And it's not like we're not capable. On the occasion I am in a gym, it is filled with the fittest women. So this is my attempt to get girls up and out. Up off the couch and out of the gym!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not some butch woman's right's activist. I love to cook and am pretty dang good at cleaning. With that said, I like clothes. And make-up. Hair. Getting a pedicure. And shoes!

This will be my blog. No pink flowers here.  With all of my favorite things! I will post about the happenings in the snowboarding world, my pictures and stories from my latest adventure, and my newest fashion discovery!

So here it is! Come and get it.